Introduction to Delibr

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You will learn what Delibr is, and how we differentiate ourselves from other Product Management tools

There are many different kinds of PM tools. Some are very specialized, others more general in their nature. For the purpose of contrasting how Delibr differentiates from competitors, we can divide PM tools into five areas where they can be helpful: 

  • Capturing user feedback e.g. Dovetail, Jira Product Discovery, Productboard
  • Prioritizing ideas and creating Roadmaps e.g. Jira product discovery, Product board, Cycle, Airfocus
  • Product documentation e.g. Notion, Confluence, Google docs
  • Product backlogs and sprint planning e.g. Jira Software, Azure DevOps, ClickUp
  • Ideation, visualizing concepts and workshops e.g. Miro, FigJam

These tools can all be helpful for Product Managers, but you need to pair them together in order to get the job done across the entire Product Management Process. This leads to complicated workflows, duplication of work, and perhaps most importantly, confusion around where the actual source of truth resides. 

Another problem is that the most commonly used Product Management tools (i.e. Productboard, Airfocus, etc.) have a strong focus on capturing and prioritizing ideas, but very little support for refining and iterating on those same ideas. The problem with this approach is that it forces product teams to take their ideas and put them in a new tool, or sometimes tools, where they have better support for shaping and collaborating on the solution.

With this in mind, we built Delibr to give our users a single tool to manage their products. Our goal is to help across all of these areas but with an extra focus on refining product ideas and bringing them to life, something we feel is lacking in many of the other PM solutions. Delibr also has powerful AI features to help bring ideas to life, improve product documentation, and save time for PMs. 

What you can do with Delibr

🗂️ Capture customer feedback

You can create manual customer feedback entries, or set up automated ones using our Zapier integration. Perfect for one-off feature requests as well as customer interview notes and meeting notes. 

💡 Visualise product ideas and insights

Product trees in Delibr provide a visual representation of your product ideas and insights. They allow you to create a hierarchical structure where you can place the Delibr documents you are working on. Each document on the tree can be easily dragged and dropped to a different location within the tree, providing flexibility when organizing your product information.

Customer feedback can be added to the product ideas in your trees, and you can easily see how many times a specific idea has been requested by a user, allowing for a more customer-centric approach.

💻 Prioritize and plan work

The different prioritization views allow PMs to for instance stack rank their ideas based on perceived customer value, and compare them to each other, before prioritizing which ones to move forward with. 

🤝 Track and communicate progress

Boards and timeline roadmaps help communicate what has been prioritized to different stakeholders and provide a good overview of the status of each item. 

✍️ Document and collaborate on product ideas

Central throughout the product is the idea that teams should be able to collaborate directly within the tool. Each new item you create in your Delibr workspace is therefore a robust outliner document, which is perfectly suited for defining and iterating on product ideas as a team. You have powerful features to help make better decisions as a team, and your product documents can be connected to Jira for a more seamless experience.

🤖 Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency and quality 

Throughout the product, users have access to powerful AI capabilities that helps them create high-quality documentation in no time. Describe your latest product idea and let the AI create a draft PRD, or use the AI Copilot to give input to your working documents. 

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