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Delibr is a tool built for Product Managers and Product Owners who want to have a single tool for planning and managing their product. 

It's not uncommon that PMs/POs use one tool for managing feedback about the product, another for their product discovery, a third for documenting and collaborating on initiatives, and a fourth for tracking sprint progress and roadmaps. This becomes problematic because it creates many sources of truth for the PM to keep in check, and makes it hard for their team and the stakeholders they work with to self-serve. 

Delibr is the first document tool that is specifically built for product teams, and that can help PMs/POs manage pretty much the entire workflow. For the use cases we do not handle, such as issue tracking or chat services, we integrate with the most commonly used third parties such as Jira or Slack. 

What are some of the use cases that Delibr helps PMs & POs with?

🤖 The AI assistant

  • The Delibr AI assistant helps with creating product-related content such as PRDs, user stories, help center articles, and much more. The assistant can suggest which framework to apply for any specific situation, or even help write specific content. 

⚡️ The Jira integration

  • Sync all your product documentation with Jira. Saves time when creating epics, and stories, and makes sure your product documents and Jira tickets are always reflecting the same information. 

🌴 Opportunity Solution Trees

  • The Opportunity Solution Tree is a framework that seeks to help Product Managers better understand the problems they are trying to solve. By using the Opportunity Solution Tree, Product Managers can identify the problem and its root cause, generate insights and ideas, and validate solutions. 

🗺 Roadmapping

  • Once you've decided what opportunities to go after and which features to build, add them to your roadmap. 

💊 Prioritization

  • While we believe in using the visual OST framework for prioritizing, Delibr also offers more traditional scoring-based prioritization techniques, e.g. RICE, ICE, and so on. 

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