How to create boards, tables & timeline views

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You'll learn how to create boards, tables & timeline views

Delibr documents can contain almost anything. Because of this, you might find yourself in need of organizing your documents in boards, tables, or timeline views. 

In this article, we'll outline your options and how to set it up. 

Start with a collection or a query

Boards, tables, and timelines are views that are added to either a collection of documents or a query of documents.

You can think about a collection as a folder in which you can add any documents you like. 

You can think about a query a list of documents that match the query you have set (more on how queries work here). 

Both queries and collections are added from the sidebar. 

Add a board, table, or timeline view

When you have a collection of documents, or you have made a query for a set of documents, you can add the type(s) of view you would like to use. 

Open the collection/query, click on "List view 1" and then "Add view". Choose the type of view you'd like to add. 

A modal will open where you can design the new view further. Don't forget to pin the view once you've created it. 

For a more detailed run though, watch the video below. 

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