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You will learn how to create boards and tables in Delibr

What are boards?

A board is a way of viewing a collection of documents. In Delibr there's a concept in the sidebar called collections (think folders), in which you can place your documents. 

A collection of documents can be viewed either as a list or as a board. The differences can be seen in the two screenshots below. 

Above: a collection of documents viewed as a list.

Above: The same collection of documents, now viewed as a board.

How to create a board

Step 1: Click on the blue button next to either PRIVATE or TEAM WORKSPACE and choose 'New collection'. 

Step 2: Select to view the collection as a board. Click next to Select view and change to board

Step 3: Once you've selected board, a board settings pop-over will appear where you can select the columns and rows of your board (Columns & rows), as well as design what information to show on documents that are added to the board (card design). 

  • Columns and rows are dictated by document properties. Click on the drop-down menu and select one of the pre-existing document properties. This will automatically make it so that your board is now based on the document property selected. 
  • You can create your own document properties by clicking on the 'Create new properties in Team settings' in the bottom of the pop-over. Just make sure what you create is a Single-select property, since this is the only property type that will work for columns and rows in a board. 

Card designer

In the card designer you can configure what document information to show on each card in your board. 

Step 1: To access the card designer, click on the cog-wheel in the top of the board. This will open up the board settings pop-over. 

Step 2: Select Card design in the board settings pop-over, and select the properties you want to see on your cards. There's a card preview to the right which will show you how your cards will look if you lock in the properties you've selected.

What's next?

Boards in Delibr is a relatively new concept and we are developing it together with a group of  beta testers. If you want to join the group of beta testers (meaning you will get new versions of boards before anyone else gets them, and provide us with your feedback) write to us here

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