The board feature in Delibr helps you keep track of the documents you're working on. You can use it for tracking document statuses, ownership, etc. 

Example of a discovery board in Delibr.

How to create a board

If you want to start using boards in Delibr, the first step you need to take is creating a new  single select document property that you can use as a base for your board. However, Delibr comes with two out-of-the-box document property types, Lean Roadmap Status and Kanban Status, so if you're looking to create those types of boards you can skip creating a new document property type for now. 

1. How to create a single select document property

1. Head over to the  team settings & members menu (click on the name of your team in the upper right corner of the app). 
2. Go to Document properties. You should now land in a menu that looks like this. 

3. Name your document property
4. Choose 'Single select' as property type (for now single select is the only property type that allows board view. We're working on it!)
5. Add the options you want to have for the property, add colors if you want, and save

2. How to create a board

Now that you have a document property it's time to create the first board. 

1. Head over to the main view and open your document sidebar.
2. From the document sidebar, either create a new collection or click on an existing collection. You do not need to have any documents in the collection at this point. 

3. Change from ' Select view: list' to 'Select view: board'. Select what property you want to group the board on and then create the board.
4. Now you have created your first board. If the collection already had documents in it you will see all documents in the left-most column. If you have no document in the collection, start adding! 

What's next?

Boards in Delibr is a relatively new concept and we are developing it together with a group of beta testers. If you want to join the group of beta testers (meaning you will get new versions of boards before anyone else gets them, and provide us with your feedback) write to us here