How to integrate JIRA and Delibr

You can link Delibr with JIRA and create JIRA issues directly in Delibr. You can also link bullets to already existing JIRA issues. 

This guide will help you activate the JIRA integration via your Delibr account. Please note that you need to have Admin rights in Jira to set up an Application Link. If you don't, please ask your Jira administrator to follow this guide.

1. Setup an Application Link in Jira

Go to Application Links in Jira. 

Enter in the "Enter the URL of the application you want to link to" and click "Create new link".

Note that you will get a warning (There is a problem communicating directly between these two applications. This may affect the behavior of some integration features.). Just click "Continue"




2. Setup the Delibr Jira plugin

Go to Find new Add-ons in Jira

Search for Delibr

Click Install to download and install Delibr

Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.




3. Connect Delibr to your JIRA instance

Log in to your Delibr account and go to user settings


Find the integration section and click Connect to Jira.


This modal will then open, in which you enter your Jira domain. Click "Continue" and then click "Connect to Jira" on the following modal.


Now a popup should appear, in which you allow Delibr to read and write your Jira instance.


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