How to integrate Jira Cloud and Delibr

Setting up the Delibr/Jira Cloud integration is quick and easy. All Delibr users who want to create and manage Jira issues from their Delibr account needs to follow step 1 in this guide. Step 2 only is only needed one time, by an Jira admin. 

1. Allow Delibr access to Jira - all users

In order to allow your Delibr account to create and manage Jira issues you need to approve Delibr access to your Atlassian account. This is done in the user settings, which is found by clicking on your name in the bottom left corner of the app (in the sidebar). 

2. Install Delibr Jira plugin - admin 

The Delibr Jira plugin is what enables you to see information from Delibr in Jira issues. The plugin can only be installed by an Jira Admin. If you are not an Jira admin, ask person with admin rights to install the plugin.

You can find the plugin here: Delibr Atlassian Marketplace Plugin

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