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Create Jira tickets and sync content between Delibr documents <> Jira

Welcome to the Delibr <> Jira integration article! 

This integration allows you to create Jira tickets from Delibr documents, and sync content from documents with tickets in Jira. The integration makes it easy to keep your documents and tickets in sync, saving you time and helping you stay organized.

To get started with the Delibr Jira integration, you'll need to connect your Delibr account with your Jira account and install the Delibr Atlassian Marketplace Plugin for Jira. More on this here.

We hope this integration helps you keep your documents and tickets in sync, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Turning a document into a Jira issue

To the left of the document title, there's a hamburger menu (visible when hovering). Open the menu, however over Jira and select "Create Jira issue". 

This will open up a modal where you can select attributes, such as which project and issue type. Once you're done, click on "Add" to create the issue. 

Once the issue has been created, a link will appear under the document title. Clicking the issue number will take you to the issue in Jira.

Turning bullets in a document into Jira issues

You can select any bullet(s) in Delibr, and turn them into Jira issue(s). You can add one at a time, or many at the same time. 

Adding many issues at the same time

Batch-adding issues come in handy when you have a list of bullets in a Delibr document that you want to send to Jira. 

Select the bullets that you want to turn into Jira issues (by mouse or keyboard), click the three dots on the right-hand side of the bullets, and choose “Create X Jira issues”. The create issue modal will open, where you can choose the issue type, assign story points, select what epic they belong to, etc. 

Adding one issue at a time 

If there's a specific bullet that you want to turn into a Jira issue, click the bullet to open the bullet menu. Choose “Jira” and click “Create Jira issue”. The create issue modal will open, where you can choose the issue type, assign story points, select what epic they belong to, etc. 

The Delibr plugin

The ability to create issues directly from Delibr is a huge time saver, but not very useful if the information is not synced between the two. Enter the Delibr plugin. 

With the Delibr plugin, developers do not need to leave Jira to read up on details regarding the issue. The plugin continuously syncs the latest information from Delibr with the issue, making sure that teams can collaborate in Delibr without having to worry about conflicting sources of truth or context switching. 

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