PRD template

With the PRD template in Delibr (a.k.a. the "Epic document" template), you can provide guidance on best practice PRD-writing, so that everyone covers the most important aspects. 

Guidance across the most relevant areas

Start from these four headings, and get the support needed to write a great PRD:

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. User stories
  4. Rollout

Combine guidance with focus and flow

Thanks to the outliner functionality of Delibr and these modular document templates, you can start lean and only add sections as needed. This means that experienced product managers can work fast with the flow and without distractions.

Use consistency to get transparency

With a clear process and an agreed set of templates, the team and stakeholders can easily find what they look for. This means you can get better input and thus deliver more product value.

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