Navigate with the sidebar

The sidebar in Delibr is where you and your team can organize collections and documents for quick access and discoverability.

Image of the sidebar

The sidebar in Delibr allows you to

  • Organize collections and documents on infinite levels - nesting page insides pages with no limit. 
  • Collapse to keep navigation simple and streamlined
  • Rearrange documents using drag-and-drop

Overview of the sidebar 

We can divide the sidebar into three separate sections, as per the image below. 

1. Create new docs & templates. This section is where you can create new documents and manage your templates.
2. View the document lists. This section is where you access the document lists.
3. Organize documents. This section is where you can organize and access documents for personal use (Favourites and Private) or for your team (Team workspace). 

The Favourites, Private and Team workspace sections

There are three main sections in the sidebar that you can use for organizing collections and documents, each with a different purpose. In the Favourites section is where all favourite documents show up. To make a document a favourite, open the document and click on the star in the upper left corner of the document. 

The  Private and Team workspace sections work slightly different. In both of these you can add new collections and document links. New collections act as containers, or sub-sections, and usually have one or more links to documents under them. Examples of a collection could be the name of a department (i.e. Engineering, Product, Marketing), a process (i.e. OKRs, Roadmaps, PRDs). 

Collections and/or documents that are attached to the Team workspace will be accessible to everyone that are a part of your team. Anyone in the team can add and remove collections/documents from the team workspace. Any such changes will automatically be made for everyone else on the team as well. If a document is added to the Team workspace it will automatically get the sharing setting "Team access enabled: editor", meaning that anyone who is a member of the team can join the document and will have editing rights if they do.

Collections and/or documents that are attached to the Private workspace will only be visible to you. However, documents that are attached to the Private workspace can still be shared with others. This means that they do not lose sharing rights simply because you choose to attached them to your Private workspace.

How to add collections/documents to the sidebar

To add a new collection or new/existing document, click on the blue button with a white plus sign to the right of Private or Team Workspace. A pop-over menu will appear where you can choose to add a new collection/document or an existing document.

The first time you do this you will add a collection/document at the first level directly under the main collection. As you add more collections and documents you're also able to build hierarchies and to collapse and expand those hierarchies.

Definitions of the actions in the image above

Add a new collection to the sidebar. 
New document
Create a new document and add it to the sidebar.
Existing document
Add an already existing Delibr document to the sidebar. 

How to remove collections/documents from the sidebar

To remove a collection or document from the sidebar, hover over it. Three vertical dots will appear. Click the three dots and choose remove.

Removing a collection deletes the collection. If the collection has other collections and documents attached under it, these are removed as well. 
Removing a document un-attaches the document from the sidebar, but does not delete the document. 

Rearranging collections/documents in the sidebar 

Rearranging collections/documents in the sidebar is done by drag-and-drop. Hover over the icon of the collection/document you want to move, click and hold, drag to the new location, and drop. 

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