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You'll learn everything you need to know about the sidebar

There are 10 menus/actions that you can access from the sidebar. Below we will describe each one in turn. 

The team settings menu

The team settings menu has four sections

  1. Settings
  2. Members
  3. Document properties 
  4. Subscription

1. Settings

In the settings section, you can change the team name, upload a team logo, add allowed domains, and set the default document-sharing settings. 

2. Members

In the members section, you can add new people to the team and change access rights for current members. Learn more about how this works in this article

3. Document properties

In the document properties section, you can add new document properties and edit existing ones. Learn more about document properties in this article.

4. Subscription 

In the subscription section, you can start or terminate your Delibr subscription. Learn more about our subscriptions in this article.

The document creation & template menu 

The document creation & templates menu consists of two separate buttons. The left one lets you create a new blank document, and the one to the right lets you open the template modal and choose a normal template or an AI template to start with.

Document search

The document search lets you search for documents across your entire Delibr workspace. You can search for titles or text in a document. 

List of all documents

In the "All documents" section you will find three tabs: 

  • Recent documents
    • The recent documents tab is a list of all the documents you have joined, sorted by most recent activity. This will be all the documents you have created yourself, and all the documents your team members have created and that you have opened at least once. 
  • Team documents 
    • The team documents tab is a list of all the documents that are shared within your workspace. This can be documents that you have created, but also documents others have created. This list will include documents you have not joined yet. 
  • Archived documents
    • The archived documents tab is a list of all the documents that have been archived. 


Clicking on Notifications will open a menu that shows all your notifications. Notifications can be comments where you have been @mentioned or replies to comments made by you. 


Clicking on Assignments will take you to your assignments dashboard. This is a dashboard where you can see all the assignments that have been created for you, and all the assignments you have created for others. 


Clicking, or expanding, the Favorite section will show you all the documents, collections, trees, and queries that you have marked as favorites. This section is also commonly referred to as the quick access menu, as it allows you to pin items in your workspace for easy access. 


The Private space is your private workspace within the Delibr workspace. Collections, trees, queries, and documents that you add here will only be visible to yourself. However, documents can still have sharing settings that allow others to view them, e.g. if you have made a document accessible via a link, or if you have "team sharing" turned on. 

Team workspace

The team workspace is where you organize things that will be accessible to everyone in your team. Collections, trees, and queries that are added here will all be visible to members and admins in your team. Documents, however, can still have specific sharing settings applied to them. For instance, you can have a document in the team workspace with the sharing settings turned off. This document will then not be visible to all team members. 

User settings & logout 

At the bottom of the sidebar, you'll find the user settings & logout. In your user settings, you can change your name, user avatar, email notifications, and integrations (Jira, Slack, Zapier). 

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