What's the price of Delibr?

When you create your Delibr account, a 14 days free trial starts automatically. During the trial you have unlimited access to all functionality, including the possibility to invite colleagues to your team. 

After the trial ends, you need to activate the subscription. This is done in the Team settings & members menu. 

For team with up to 10 active users*, you pay 50 USD per month for the entire team.

For teams with more than 10 active users, you pay 5 USD per active user per month.

Example: A team consisting of 8 active people are put on the minimum $50/month price plan. A team consisting of 14 active users pay 14 x $5 = $70/month. A team of 20 active users pay 20 x $5 = $100. 

We believe in fair billing and therefore only charge for members that are actively using Delibr. We will automatically detect which team members that are inactive during a month and deduct their cost from the monthly charge. Activity is measured as being logged in 

See our pricing page for further details, delibr.com/pricing