What's the price of Delibr?

There are two price plans in Delibr, the premium price plan which you are automatically transferred to after the initial 14-day trial, and an enterprise plan which is available for teams with more than 100 users. 

Premium plan

Price: Starts at $100/month
Amount of users: 1-99
Functionality: Unlimited

The premium plan begins with a 14-day free trial. After the trial ends, you need to activate a subscription in order to keep using all functionalities.

For a team with up to 10 active users*, you pay 100 USD per month for the entire team.
For the next 11 to 20 active users, you pay an additional 10 USD per new user/month 
For the next 21 to 50 active users, you pay an additional 5 USD per new user/month
After 50, you pay an additional 3 USD per new user/month


1) A team consisting of 8 active people pays $100/month.
2) A team consisting of 14 active users pay 14 x $10 = $140/month.
3) A team of 30 active users pay (20 x $10) + (10 x $5) = $250/month.

We believe in fair billing and therefore do not charge for admins and members that haven't logged in during the month. We automatically detect those who have not been logged in during each month and deduct their cost from the monthly charge.

See our pricing page for further details, delibr.com/pricing

Enterprise plan

Price: Talk to sales
Amount of users: 100+  
Functionality: Unlimited

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