How do I invite others?

You can invite collaborators to your team, or to a specific document. 

Invite to team 

In the top right corner of the app you'll find your team name. Clicking the team name will open a drop-down list, where you can find "Team settings & members". In team settings & members, toggle to "Members". 

Here you can invite people to your team and change membership status of team members. 

To learn more about each team role, go to the Team roles article. 

Invite to document

Sharing a specific document with someone is done via the "Share" button found in the top right corner of a document. 

You can either turn link sharing on, with either editor or participant as the pre-selected document role, and send the URL of the document the people. Or you can invite by name or email, sending an email with a join link to the selected person(s). 

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