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Product Managers should interview users on a regular basis to learn about their behaviors, needs, and pain points. But it is equally important what happens after those interviews. Far too often we end up neglecting to structure our insights or sharing them with our stakeholders - more or less losing half the value initial interview. 

Interview snapshots, together with OSTs, can help us really make sure that insights are structured into something meaningful - and easily shared with the right people. 

Why interview snapshots?  

We recommend spending some time summarizing and structuring the key learnings from user interactions because it will make it easier to:

  • Share insights with stakeholders that weren't a part of the interview - simply send them the snapshot. 
  • Move key insights from the interview over to your opportunity solution tree - the snapshot headings correspond well to the card types of the OST.
  • Onboard new team members - share a collection of your old interview snapshots to get new recruits up and running in no time. 

Begin with a template

Open the template modal and find the template called "User interview". The template is found in the "Discovery" category. 

Once you've opened the template, click on "Interview snapshot" to populate the relevant headings. You now have an empty interview snapshot in front of you. 

Fill in the snapshot

Once you've had the interview, go through the headings of your snapshot document and add the relevant insights. This exercise will force you to be concise, something that your colleagues will thank you for later. 

Populate your OST with insights from the snapshot

Once the interview snapshot has been created - share it with your team! Take a screenshot and drop it in your product discovery channel on Slack, or send an email. Another thing that has been helpful for us has been reviewing the snapshots together as a team. Team members can ask questions, and the people present at the interview can help share some light. 

At the same time as we do this, we have our OSTs open and add the relevant details from the snapshot to the OST.

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