Create links to specific parts of a document

It does not always make sense to send a link to the entire document for someone to review. Just as often you want that someone to only look at a specific part of your document. Delibr lets you create specific URLs for specific parts of the document that you can send to your colleagues. 

How does it work?

If we had a document like the one below, and we wanted to create a specific URL for the bullet called "Problem statement" (barely visible behind the pop-over menus), this is how we would do: Click on the bullet icon next to Problem statement -> "More" -> "Copy bullet link". 

By doing this we've created and copied a unique URL that will take anyone who uses it directly to the problem statement section in our document. 

Image of how to create and copy a unique link to certain part of your document

When someone uses the unique link they will get to a zoomed in state of our document like in the image above

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