Configure automatic domain login


When your colleagues sign up for Delibr, we can automatically detect whether they should join your existing Delibr team. This is done by their email domain. If you enable Domain Login, we'll prompt new signups who use an email address matching that domain to join your team in Delibr, instead of creating a new team. 

Domain login is disabled by default. If you’re an admin for an existing Delibr team, you can enable or disable this option in the Team settings & members menu. When enabled, you will be billed automatically for new users who join your Delibr team. 

The Domain Login feature is only available for teams with an active Delibr subscription. 

How it works

To enable Domain Login, go to the Team settings & members menu. This is found by clicking on your team name in the upper right corner of the app. 

Once in the Team settings & member menu, find the Allowed domains field, under Team settings. This is where you add the domains you want to allow automatic access rights to your team. 

As an example, at Delibr we've put as an allowed domain. This means that whenever someone with a domain, who is not yet a part of our team, is invited to a Delibr document, they automatically joins the Delibr team. 


Team admins will receive a notification email when new users join their team, so that they can make sure the new member has the right team role.

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