Gantt roadmaps in Delibr documents

This article explains how to create and edit Gantt roadmaps inside of Delibr documents. Not to be confused with the board feature in Delibr which you can read more about here

The roadmap feature can only be used inside of Delibr documents.

A roadmap inside of a Delibr documentA Delibr document with a Gantt Roadmap

1. Creating a Gantt roadmap

To create a Gantt roadmap, open a Delibr document, access the bullet menu by clicking on a bullet, click "Add", scroll down and click on "Roadmap". 

Image 1: Left: how to open the bullet menu. Middle: where to find "Roadmap". Right: How the Roadmap looks when first created. 

2. Editing a Roadmap 

When creating a new roadmap, the starting point is what you see to the left in image 2 below. Directly under the visualization of the roadmap there's a bullet tree with four bullets. There's two bullets at the first level: "Lane 1" and "Lane 2". They represent the rows in the the roadmap. There's two bullets at the second level: "New Item". They represent the items in the Roadmap. 

2.1 Changing the name of rows and items 

The name of rows and items can be changed by changing the text in the corresponding bullets in the tree structure. As an example, replacing "Lane 1" and "Lane 2" with for instance "Back end team" and "Front end team" will change the names of the rows in the roadmap, as can be seen in image 2 on the right. Changing "New item" to "Decrease tech debt" and "Improve on-boarding UX" will change the name of the items within the roadmap. 

Image 2: To the left, a newly created roadmap. To the right, a roadmap where the name of the two rows and the two items have been changed.

💡Pro tip: Most teams use Delibr documents to refine features or sprints. These documents can easily be added to the roadmap, which makes it possible to move from Roadmap to documents by clicking the item names. To add a document link to the roadmap, use the /-command and search for "document link". Choose the document you wish to reference to and add it. 

Image 3: How to add a document link as an item with the "/-menu"

2.2 Adding a new row/item 

Adding more rows/items to the roadmap is done by adding new bullets in the bullet tree structure. In image 3 below, we have added a third item to the "Back end team"-row by adding a third bullet at the second level. We have also linked each item to a Delibr document. 

2.3 Selecting date ranges for items

Under each item in the bullet tree there's a date range selector. The selected date range decides how long an item is represented in the roadmap. Click on the date range selector to choose start date and end date for an item. 

Image 4: A Delibr roadmap that links to multiple Delibr documents. 

3. Moving rows and items vertically in the roadmap

The roadmap is a visual representation of the bullet tree structure below to map. To move a row/item up or down in the map, move the bullet(s) in the tree structure. This can be done by drag and drop or keyboard shortcuts.

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