Create and manage your templates

For repeatable processes templates can be a real time saver. Delibr comes with a handful of templates that can be used out of the box and also supports creating your own. You can turn existing documents into a templates, or build new ones from scratch. 

Here's a video summary of this article (although with the old UI of the document dashboard): 

1. Creating a template

Creating a new template is done by opening the template editor. This is also where you edit and modify your template. 

To create a blank template, click on the downward facing arrow to the right of "Create new document" in the document dashboard and choose "+ Create new template". This will open the template editor and you have a blank document to start with. 

Image 1: How to open the template editor with a blank document. 

You can also turn an existing document into a template. To import an existing document to the template editor, open the document, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "Create as template". This will open the document in the editor, where you can edit the newly created template. 

Image 2: How to import an existing document to the template editor. 

2. Build and modify templates 

In the template editor you can building new and modify old templates. The template editor looks and acts roughly like a normal Delibr document, with two exceptions. The first difference is the dark grey bar in above the template draft where you can choose access rights, create, copy, archive and delete templates. 

The second difference is that you can create placeholder text in the template editor. Placeholder text is grey, italicised text that disappears once you start typing information into the bullet. To create placeholder text, click on the bullet and choose "Set as placeholder". 

Image 3: The template editor with the key functionality highlighted

3. Change access rights 

The default access right when creating a new template is "Private", meaning only the creator can access them. If you want the rest of the team to be able to access one of your templates, click on "Share" in the editor and turn on "Team access". 

4. Create template 

As soon as you open the template editor the template is created. 

5. Edit an existing template

You can edit templates that you have created yourself. To do this, click on the downward facing arrow to the right of "Create new document" in the document dashboard. A drop down menu will appear with a list of all templates you have access to. Hover the template you wish to edit and click on the grey pencil that appears. 

⚠️Note: You can only edit templates that you have created yourself. If you want to edit one of the default templates or templates that another person has created, open said template and click "Create as template" in the upper right corner (see image 2). This will not affect to original template but instead create a new version that you can make changes to and create as a new template. 

Image 4: How to edit an existing template. 

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