Present mode - turn your documents into presentations

In Delibr you can turn any document into a presentation. This article will help you master this wonderful feature. 

1. Turning a document into a presentation 

Turning a document into a presentation starts with finding the three dots in the top right corner of the document and clicking on "Present". This will open a presentation toolbar in the bottom of the document to appear where you can control how people will be able to view your presentation, as well as end the presentation. 

Image 1: The presentation toolbar.

 1.1 Sharing a static presentation

A static presentation is exactly like it sounds. People who follow a static presentation will not be able to engage with it, as opposed to an interactive presentation.

To share a static presentation, click on the icon to left of "End presentation" in the presentation bar. This will open up a new browser window. Copy the URL of this window and share it to the people who will be watching the presentation. 

1.2 Sharing a interactive presentation

An interactive presentation will let the audience jump between slides and give input to questions. To enable an interactive presentation, click on "Audience tools" in the presentation bar, turn on "Audience can follow" and share the "join link". 

Image 2: The audience tool where you can turn on interactive presentation.

2. Creating slides  

You control your presentation using the monitor icons to the left of the document. When you click on the monitor icon next to a bullet, the presentation will show that bullet and all the visible sub-bullets. In the image below, we've chosen to present the first bullet of the document: Summary, and it's sub-bullets: Problem, Solution, Measure of Success and Rollout plan. 

Image 3: To the left a Delibr document in present mode, to the right the presentation screen from the same presentation.

By collapsing or expanding bullet trees in the document, you can control what information is shown in the presentation. In image 3 above, you can see that the four sub-bullets are all collapsed. If you want to present information in sub-bullets, expand the bullets you wish to present and click on the monitor icon again. This will refresh the presentation and show the information that was previously hidden. See image 4 below. 

Image 4: To the left a Delibr document in present mode, to the right the presentation screen from the same presentation.

All in all you will be able to select what parts of your Delibr document to share in your presentation by using the monitor icon to the left of the document. The presentation updates whenever you click the monitor icon, making it possible to expand/collapse sections without the presentation changing until you want it to. 

💡Pro tip: A great way of learning how to work with present mode is to pull up both the document and the presentation side by side in your browser. This will allow you to see directly how the presentation changes based on where you click on the monitor icons. 

3. Incorporating questions in your presentation

Seasoned Delibr users will, apart from collapsing and expanding sections, be well versed with the question bullet types in Delibr. If you share the URL to an interactive presentation, it's possible for the people who are following the presentation to give input to questions directly in the presentation. 

Make sure you've turned on "Audience can follow" and shared the URL with them. 

Click on the circle diagram to the left of the question you want people to give input on. The presentation window will show the question and the different options, pros and cons to the followers. The followers can then drag their user chip to indicate how they rate the different options, pros and cons. 

Image 5: How to open the rating portal so that followers of your presentation can give their input. 

Image 6: How the rating portal look for the followers of the presentation. 

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