How to onboard your team in 4 steps

There's a cost to switching tools and that cost sometimes outweighs the benefits the new tool promises to deliver to us. Here are four easy steps that we've seen lower the perceived cost of switching to Delibr 👇

1️⃣ Pick one epic to refine in Delibr

When you signup to Delibr you'll land in a document based on the epic and user stories you filled in/imported from Jira. Use the top section to add some more information like the problem you are trying to solve, how to measure success etc. That way there's context for your teammates once they are invited, instead of a skeleton. 

2️⃣ Involve your team 

Speaking of inviting your team. We suggest introducing Delibr in a team meeting with your feature document as a focal point. Look at the document together and invite your team to explore it with you.

3️⃣ Set up the Jira integration

One of Delibr's power features is the Jira integration. Connect to Jira and install the Delibr plugin for Jira. Once done, you're set up for creating stories directly from your working document and making sure your documents and Jira issues stay 100% synced at all times. 

4️⃣ Evaluate together with the team

Schedule a meeting to evaluate how it all went. We suggest running with Delibr for a sprint or two and then rallying the troops for a discussion. 

Need a demo? 

We offer free training sessions for all new teams. Pick a time in this scheduler to get help from a Delibr expert. We're experts both when it comes to feature refinement in general and Delibr in particular.