6 steps for introducing Delibr to colleagues

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How to introduce Delibr to the rest of the team?

We got a check-list 👇

We recommend having a plan when introducing Delibr to the wider team. You can of course simply invite your team members and hope for the best, but we can guarantee that both you and Delibr will come away looking much better if the introduction is done in a structured and organized way. 

By the way, this guide assumes that you're 1) working in product, 2) that your company is using Jira, and 3) that at least one of the use cases you will be using Delibr for is 'feature refinement'. If this is not the case, but you still want to use Delibr and understand how to introduce it to your wider team, we recommend contacting us to discuss your options. 

1️⃣ Create a board where you can track your work

When you create your Delibr account, the first thing you'll see when you land in the tool is a board. The board you land in is called 'Epic Kanban' and it is an example of how you can keep track of the epics you're detailing and refining in Delibr. The different columns in the Epic Kanban board make up a suggested workflow, where you move from Inbox -> Definition - Refinement -> Development -> Evaluation. 

However, this is only a recommended workflow, and if you already have a workflow that you're using we recommend changing the steps to match that workflow. This way it will be more familiar to your colleagues once they are invited.

2️⃣ Add one or a few documents to your board 

Your board will be the main view for keeping track of what's cooking, but the documents are the heart and soul of Delibr. We recommend picking one or a few 'things' that you and your team will be working on in the upcoming weeks (an epic, a business opportunity, etc.). Once you've decided what will go into Delibr, go ahead and create a document for each 'thing' and start  outlining.

The important thing is that the documents are  reasonably structured so that when your colleagues later are invited, they can navigate the structure and recognize what type of document it is. 

3️⃣ Set up the Jira integration + plugin

One of Delibr's power features is the Jira integration. Connect to Jira and install the Delibr plugin for Jira. Once done, you're set up for creating stories directly from your working document and making sure your documents and Jira issues stay 100% synced at all times. 

If you want to you can create a couple of Jira issues from one of your documents. Or wait until step 5, and do it live in the meeting. This can be powerful when showing to the wider team.

4️⃣ Add an allowed email domain 

We recommend adding your email domain(s) as "allowed domains" in the team settings & members menu. Here's a guide on how to do this.

This will allow you, later on, to simply send a link to a Delibr document, or to your board, and when someone that is using the allowed email domain clicks on said link, they are automatically added to your Delibr team. No hassle by having to invite each person manually! 

5️⃣ Schedule a kick-off meeting

The most important advice we can give you when it comes to introducing almost any software: do not introduce it asynchronously. This applies to Delibr as well. 

It's much more successful to do the initial introduction during a session with the team. 

  • Show them the board, explain how you intend to use it. 
  • Open one of the documents and show them the structure. Try minimizing all bullets and then expanding to reveal the document contents.  
  • We recommend at least showing some of the key features, like:

6️⃣ Invite your colleagues 🥳

If you've added an allowed domain - simply send the URL of a specific board/document to your team in an email, chat, etc.

Alternatively, go to the team settings & members menu and invite your colleagues from the invite modal.

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