How to onboard your team in 4 steps

Most of the time there's a cost to switching tools, even though the new tool makes you more effective than before. Here are 4 easy steps that we've seen work for introducing Delibr to a new team. 

1️⃣ Start on your first feature document 

On signup, you'll land in a Delibr document with the epic and user story you named. Add some more information, like the problem you are trying to solve, how to measure success etc. That way there's context for your teammates once they get involved. 

2️⃣ Involve your team 

The team needs to be onboard. Try introducing Delibr in a team meeting, with your feature document as focal point. Pinpoint the problems you are trying to solve (a single source of truth for better collaboration, saving time moving from spec to Jira etc.), and invite them to join your team

3️⃣ Get your document into Jira

One of Delibr's power features is the Jira integration. Connect to Jira and, if you are not Jira administrator, ask for approval to test the Delibr plugin for Jira. Once done, you're set up for creating stories directly from your working document and viewing them in Jira. 

4️⃣ Enjoy better feature refinement

After completing your first sprint with an epic linked to a Delibr document, you know what it feels like. Then make sure people know about Delibr, what is used for, and how they can contribute. You will never look back.

Need help introducing Delibr? 

We offer free training sessions for all new teams. Pick a time in this scheduler to get help from a Delibr expert. We have seen a lot of use cases by now and can answer any questions.

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