Product management best practises

Intro to our research 👩🎓

Over the past two years we've done a lot of research on how product teams work. We have interviewed over 300 product leaders and worked closely with many teams to understand their challenges, best practises and setups better. 

By now it's fair to say we've got a pretty clear perspective on what defines great feature refinement, and how one can achieve it. We've curated some of our best blogs and presentation below. 

Book 📚

We've written an book that goes into quite some detail regarding how teams can work with documents as a place for capturing their work and creating a surface for collaboration. Without letting the documentation aspect bog them down. 

Read more and download the book here

Presentation 📊

For a condensed perspective on how Delibr can help you achieve best practice feature refinement, here are a few slides. The slides also work well as an introduction of Delibr to teammates. 

Link to the slide pack

Links to blog 🗂

Here's a selection from the Delibr blog. They can be read in any order, but we recommend starting from the top. 

  • The dethroning of the PRD by agile feature documents - Click to read
  • How Storytel gets a shared understanding of the features they build - Click to read
  • Product Managers face more decisions than they realize (but fear ye not!) - Click to read
  • Feature discovery and delivery - to split of not to split? - Click to read