Feature refinement best practices

Intro to our research 👩🎓

For the past two years we've done a lot of research on feature refinement. We have interviewed over 300 Product Managers and worked closely with some teams.

By now it's fair to say we've got a pretty clear perspective on what defines great feature refinement, and how one can achieve it. We've curated some of our best blogs and presentation below. 

Presentation 📊

For a condensed perspective on how Delibr can help you achieve best practice feature refinement, here are a few slides. The slides also work well as an introduction of Delibr to teammates. 

Links to blog 🗂

For a bit more detail, here's a selection from the Delibr blog. They can be read in any order, but we recommend starting from the top. 

  • The dethroning of the PRD by agile feature documents - Click to read
  • How Storytel gets a shared understanding of the features they build - Click to read
  • Product Managers face more decisions than they realize (but fear ye not!) - Click to read
  • Feature discovery and delivery - to split of not to split? - Click to read

E-book, coming soon 📚

For those who want even more, due to the interested in our blog articles, we're working on an e-book on feature refinement best practices, based on our research. If you're interested in getting this once released, shot us a mail

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