How to integrate Google Drive and Delibr

You can integrate Google Drive with Delibr. This will enable you to create Delibr documents from Google Drive. 

In this article you will learn how to (1) install the Delibr app on Google drive and (2) create Delibr documents from Google Drive.  

(1) Install the Google Drive app 

Go to and install the Delibr app. 

(2) Create a Delibr document from Google Drive 

After installing the Delibr app on your Google drive, go to Google drive and choose New -> More -> Delibr. 

Once you've clicked "Delibr", a new window will open. Choose what Delibr team to create the new document in, and name the file. 

Once you click "Create document", you will be sent over to the newly created Delibr document (in Delibr) and a copy will be saved in Google drive. 

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