Delibr documents in Google Drive

You are able to use your existing folder structure in Google Drive for Delibr documents. First you need to set up the integration (step 1 below) and then you're ready to either start creating Delibr documents that are saved in Google drive or import existing Delibr documents. 

1. Install the Google Drive app

Installing the Delibr Google Drive app is super easy, just go to, install it, and you're good to go!  

2. Create or import Delibr document to Google Drive

To create a new Delibr document (that is automatically saved in your Google Drive folder) or import an existing one, go to your Google Drive folder, click on "New" in the upper left corner, and then "More -> Delibr" (see image below). 

Creating a new document from Google DriveOnce you click "Delibr", a new window will open (see image below). 

Create a Delibr doc from Google Drive

From here you can create a new document by entering a document name or import an existing document by choosing "Link existing document" at the bottom and then searching for the document you want to import. 

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