Delibr's Confluence integration

You can integrate Delibr with Confluence and attach Delibr documents to your pages. 

This guide will guide you on how to (1) install the confluence plugin and (2) link Delibr documents to pages. 

(1) install the Confluence plugin 

Go to and install the plugin.

(2) Link a Delibr document to a Confluence page

Go to Confluence and open a page. Click "Insert more content" -> "Other macros". Search for "Delibr" in the search bar and click "Delibr document". This will open the Delibr macro where you can paste a url-link from a Delibr document into the "Document link*"-field. 

Press "preview" and your Delibr document should pop up in the preview field. Save and publish! 

Note: the document you link must have link sharing turned ON in Delibr.

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