Internal document links

Internal document links can be useful in several situations, e.g: 

  • When you want to use one document as a hub with links to other documents,
  • When two or more documents are adjacent and you want to seamlessly navigate between them,
  • When you simply want to link from one Delibr document to another. 

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the internal document links in Delibr. 

How to create internal document links 

There's two ways to create internal document links, via the /menu or by pasting the URL of the document you want to create a link to. To use the /menu, write "/document link" in the bullet you want to create the link from and click on "Document link". This brings up a menu where you can search for existing documents or create a new document. 

How to create an internal document link using the /menu

If you paste the URL of a Delibr document into a bullet you will automatically create an internal document link.

Once you've added the internal document link to your document it will look like below.

How an internal document link looks in Delibr

Are there other documents that links to my document? 

Once you start creating internal document links it will be valuable to be able to quickly understand if there's other documents that link to the document you are looking at. This can be done by clicking the icon to the left of the document title, highlighted with red in the screen shot below. This opens a dropdown menu where you can see a list of all documents that contain internal bullet link to the document you currently have open. 

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