Organizing documents

Documents are stored in the document dashboard, which is accessed by clicking "documents" in the upper left corner when logged in. The document dashboard contains three folders: 

1. Active documents (documents you've created, joined or is invited too) 

2. Team documents (documents that are visible for everyone in your team) 

3. Archived documents (documents that have been archived, both your own and team visible documents) 

All documents are listed based on latest activity date (document with most recent activity on top). If you want a document to appear in the top, regardless of last activity date, you can star it by clicking the star to the right of the document name. 

As can be seen in the image above, the top document (Roadmap) has a star to the right of the name. Starred documents will be placed in the top of your document dashboard and can be used to link out the other documents. 

You don’t have folders to work with in Delibr. Instead, use a master document to link out to other documents. You can have several master documents that links out to different types of documents, just like you could have had several different folders. 

Create a master document, star it (recommended), and either copy+paste the URL from the Delibr documents that you want to link out to or write /link and choose from a list of your documents. 

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