Organizing documents

The document dashboard

Delibr documents are accessed from the document dashboard. The document dashboard is accessed by clicking "documents" in the upper left corner of the app. 

In the document dashboard there's three tabs: 

1. Active documents (documents you've created, joined or is invited too are stored here) 

2. Team documents (documents that are visible for everyone in your team are stored here) 

3. Archived documents (documents that have been archived, both private and team visible documents will be stored here) 

Documents are ordered based on latest activity, with the document having the latest activity on top. 

Pinning a document to the top

If you want a certain document to appear on top of your document list you can click the star to the right of the document name. This will pin the document to the top of the list, even if it's not the document that has the latest activity. 

If you want to un-pin the document, click on the star again. 

How to create a folder

There's no conventional folders in Delibr (yet..). However, there's a neat workaround: Folder documents. 

A folder document is a document which is used as a folder for other documents. You can have several folder documents. We suggest pinning such documents in the dashboard so that they appear on top of the list. 

In the folder document you can create your own "folder system" by using the hierarchical structured provided in Delibr documents. In the example below, there's main folders like "In sprint", "Ready for sprint" and "Candidates". These are bullet points in the Delibr document, and are used as folders. Under each bullet point, there's a link to another Delibr document. 

The great thing about this is that creating a folder structure is much quicker and much more flexible than conventional folders. If you need to create sub-folders, simple create a sub-bullet and slot the document links under the sub-bullet. 

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