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Throughout product development, a lot of decisions are made. Teams that fail to capture important decisions risk misunderstandings. With the question bullets, you can highlight important questions, make sure they are answered, and leave a paper trail that minimizes the risk of future misunderstandings.

In Delibr, there are two types of question bullets. They have similar-looking icons, as you can be seen in the screenshot. 

Multi-option questions

The most commonly used question type in Delibr is the Multi Option question. As the name entails, it’s perfect for questions that have several potential options.

Creating a multi-option question

Let's use the question " What protocol should we use for Google authentication?" as an example since it is a question which could have multiple options.

Write the question in a bullet and end with a question mark. Once you add the question mark, the app recognizes that this is a multi-option question, turning the bullet into Multi Option question bullet. 

You can also create a Multi Option question bullet by using the bullet menu. Click the bullet, choose Change type, and Multi Option question

Adding options, pros, and cons 

To add options to a question, create a sub-bullet (by hitting Enter and Tab). Once you've added your first option, you can add more by hitting Enter

To add a pro or con to an option, add a sub-bullet to the option (by hitting Enter and Tab). 

Making a decision

To make a decision, hover the orange box under the question. A pop-over will appear to the left, where you can choose one or more options and add additional decision info. To lock in the decision, press Decide

Yes/No questions, and how to work with them 

Yes/No questions are very similar to Multi Option questions. However, you cannot add options to them (for obvious reasons). After creating a Yes/No question, you will be able to add Pros and Cons as sub-bullets (by hitting Enter and Tab). 

Decisions are made the same way as with Multi Option questions. 

Show all questions in a document 

Documents can be filtered to for instance only show all questions. In the bar above the document title, there's an input field. Click on it, and a drop-down menu will appear where you can select what to filter the document on, including questions. 

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