The question bullet types

This article talks about the two question types in Delibr, Yes/No and Multi Option questions.

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A frequent challenge when developing products is keeping track of all the questions and decisions. In Delibr, you are provided with two bullet types that lets you capture questions, decisions and rationale. They are great for making sure questions are not overlooked and everyone can add their input. 

Multi Option questions, and how to work with them 

The most commonly used question type in Delibr is the Multi Option question. As the name entails, it’s perfect for questions that have several potential solutions.

We can use the question " What protocol should we use for Google auth?" as an example. This question could have several viable options. In Delibr, you start with stating the question explicitly. Once you add a question mark, the app recognises that this is a multi option question, turning the bullet into Multi Option question bullet. You can also create a Multi Option question bullet by using the bullet menu. Click the bullet, choose Change type and Multi Option question

To add an option bullet under the question, create a sub-bullet (by hitting Enter and Tab). Once you've added your first option, you can add more by hitting Enter

To add a pro or con to an option, add a sub-bullet to the option (by hitting Enter and Tab). 

Decisions is what matters in the end. To make a decision, hover the orange box under the question. A decision pop-over will appear to the left, where you can choose one or more options of the options that have been added add additional decision info. To lock in the decision, press Decide

Yes/No questions, and how to work with them 

Yes/No questions are very similar to Multi Option questions. However, you cannot add options to them (for obvious reasons). After creating a Yes/No question, you will be able to add Pro’s and Con’s as sub-bullets (by hitting Enter and Tab). 

Decisions are made the same way as with Multi Option questions. 

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