The fundamentals of Delibr

This article explains the bullet outliner format.

The key difference between Delibr and most other documentation tools is that Delibr is a bullet outliner. This means that a document in Delibr is made up of nested bullets. The nested bullets can be collapsed, expanded and moved around freely. In this article we will focus on how to use the different features associated with a bullet outliner. 

If you rather watch than read, here's a video summary of this article. 

Adding and removing bullets 

Adding a bullet to a document is done by hitting enter while on an already existing bullet. This will create a new bullet under the bullet you where previously standing on. 

To remove a bullet, make sure all text is deleted and hit backspace. You can also remove a bullet from the bullet menu. Click on the bullet you want to remove, choose more and remove (this does not require you to remove all text).

Rearranging bullets and sections 

There are two ways of rearranging bullets within a documents. 

1. Keyboard shortcuts. Make sure you are focused in the text field of the bullet you want to re-arrange. Hold down ctrl and move the bullet around using arrows (←, ↑, → or ↓).

2. Drag-and-drop functionality. Hover the bullet you wish to move, click and hold the hamburger menu to the left, drag it to the desired new location.

Collapse and expand sections 

There are two ways of collapsing and expanding sections. 

1. Click the arrows. Use the arrows to the left of a bullet to either expand or collapse. 

2. Keyboard shortcuts. Stand in the text field of a bullet that you wish to collapse or expand, and press [ ctrl+space]. 

Zooming in to a bullet or section 

There are two ways of zooming in to a bullet. 

1. Double clicking the bullet. 

2. Via the bullet menu. Click on the bullet to open the bullet menu, choose more and zoom in. 

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