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We've put together a two minute video to help explain Delibr:

What is Delibr? 🤷

Delibr is a online document editor where multiple people can collaborate at the same time. It's specifically made for Product Managers/Product Owners that detail out new features and want an easy way to align with their stakeholders. 

Delibr makes it possible to work with one document as the source of truth by enabling: 

  • Structured documents that can capture details without becoming overwhelming
  • Linking parts of documents with Jira for increased transparency 
  • Great support for tracking question items, discussions and decisions

Below is an example of a Delibr document containing details about a feature, Single Sign-On. The document consists of bullets that can be collapsed and expanded depending on if you're looking for an overview or want to dive deep into the details. You can also see one Epic and two User Stories linked from the document, as well as a decided question in the "Scope" section. 

Above: example document in Delibr detailing out the feature "Single Sign-On".

When refining features, lots of micro-decisions involving different stakeholder needs to be facilitated. In Delibr you can easily capture questions and input. We help you keep track of all the important questions, decisions and rationale so that you don't need to revisit conversations. 

Above: GIF showing how to build out question trees in Delibr, capturing important decisions and rationale. 

The Jira integration makes sure you don't have to copy+paste or re-write when moving from document to Jira. The integration enables your team to collaborate in a single place, reducing the extra work needed to keep several sources of truth up to date and the risk of misalignment. Whenever someone updates the Delibr document, it's automatically synced in Jira as well. 

Above: GIF showing how to create and sync one Epic and three User Stories from Delibr.

*Delibr supports integration with Jira Cloud

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