Keyboard shortcuts in Edit-mode

For a frictionless experience, you can use the keyboard for almost all commands when in Edit-mode. 

Due to differences in keyboard layout in some countries, some combinations and hotkeys might not always work. If you do experience any problem, please send us an email!

💡Tip: If you want to see the available keyboard shortcuts directly in the app, click on the grey keyboard in the bottom right corner in a document. 

Keyboard shortcuts

Mac / Pc

Change Bullet type  
Multi-answer question ctrl + M
Yes/no question ctrl + B
Option ctrl + O
Pro  ctrl + +
Con  ctrl + -
Plain text  ctrl + backspace
ToDo bullet ctrl + T
Heading ctrl + H
Re-arrange and remove bullets  
Expand/Collapse sections ctrl + space
Indent tab
Unindent shift + tab
Move bullet up ctrl + up
Move bullet down ctrl + down
Select multiple bullets* shift + up/down
Remove multiple bullets* backspace (after selecting them)
Decision (only works on question bullets)  
Enter/Exit decide mode  ctrl + D
Select option ctrl + 1,2,3...9
Yes/No  ctrl + Y/N
Confirm decision  enter
Open the Create Jira issue modal ctrl + J

*action can only be made with keyboard