Situations where Delibr is helpful

Below we've listed different situations that we believe you most probably have experienced. If you recognise some of the situations from your own work life, Delibr is something for you!

Forgotten decision

  • Situation: Had a meeting and remember something was discussed, but not what was decided.
  • Solution with Delibr: Just open Delibr, find the question, check the decision, et voila.

Forgotten rationale

  • Situation: Had a meeting, remember something was decided but not why.
  • Solution with Delibr: If the question has been discussed in depth, you can do a quick recap, and after a two-minute check you are able to replay the discussion in your mind.

Hard to keep track of open questions

  • Situation: Had a meeting and remember some questions were left open, but you don't remember them
  • Solution with Delibr: Just open Delibr, find the questions that are open, as simple as that!

Hidden decision flow

  • Situation: Had a meeting and remember a question was left open, later on you hear that the team made a decision but you were not aware of it.
  • Solution with Delibr: Just open Delibr, find the question and check its decision. If you have Slack integration turned on you will be notified of decisions made so you don't need to manually check all the time.

Changed my mind

  • Situation: Had a meeting and made a decision, later on you change your mind but there is no constructive way to challenge the decision.
  • Solution with Delibr: Poke the decision in Delibr, add your rationale (i.e. with pros/cons and possibly new/rewritten options). The question is now open and back on the table. Super smooth and with full traceability!

Need decision to continue develop

  • Situation: When implementing the feature additional questions arise and those need to be answered before continuing.
  • Solution with Delibr: Add the questions, and possibly options and arguments, invite relevant persons to input on the questions. You can now follow them until they are decided and do not risk them fade away in a growing mail or chat thread.

This is not what I expected

  • Situation: When not updating specs creates expectations discrepancy
  • Solution with Delibr: As the specification evolves relevant stakeholders will be notified and no decisions will be changed without involving or informing the right stakeholders.