Jira issue name is not updated?

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You'll learn why the name of Jira tickets are not synced with the corresponding bullet in Delibr

You might have noticed that after creating a Jira ticket from Delibr, the actual title of the Jira ticket is no longer synced with the bullet in Jira. This means that if you change the name of the ticket in Jira, the name of the bullet in Delibr does not change. And vice versa, if you change the name of the bullet in Delibr, the ticket in Jira does not change. 

The reason for this is that it is possible to link one bullet in Delibr to multiple Jira tickets. When you create a Jira issue from Delibr, we populate the issue name field with the bullet text. However, we don't sync the name if you, later on, change the bullet text. 

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