How to integrate Slack and Delibr

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You'll learn how to integrate Slack and Delibr

You can link Delibr with Slack channels to get notifications on what is happening in a document. The link is created via the "Sharing" button in the Delibr document you wish to connect. You can create a new Slack channel or connect to an existing, private or public, channel. 

This guide will help you activate the Slack integration via your Delibr account, walk you through managing Slack notifications, and showcase a few key features of the integration.

1. Activating the Slack integration

Log in to your Delibr account and go to user settings


Find the integration section and click Connect to Slack.


Click connect on the screen seen below. Note that this will open a new popup.


2. Pick the Slack team you want to activate the integration to

Note: You will need to be logged into your Slack account to see all the Slack teams you are a part of. Select the one you want to join.



3. Authorize Delibr access your Slack information

A popup will appear in which you authorize Delibr to access your Slack information. 


Done! You can now link documents to existing Slack channels or create new Slack channels in Delibr.

4. Connect to a Slack channel 

Open the Delibr document you wish to connect and click on "Share" in the upper right corner. This will open the invitation modal, where you can connect to Slack. 

Note: Any person on the channel you have chosen to integrate with can see these notifications, so if there is sensitive information, we would recommend choosing a private channel.

5. Unlinking a document from a Channel

To unlink a document from a channel, open the Invite modal, click on the channel name and choose Unlink. 

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