Notes workspace


Welcome to the Notes area of Delibr! This dedicated space is intended to be a hub for your important notes that don't quite fit into the other dedicated areas of the app. Be it meeting summaries, agile retrospective insights, release notes, or QA reviews, this area can store all of these crucial details.

Understanding the Notes area

The Notes area is a user-dedicated space for storing and organizing a variety of different notes and records related to your product management responsibilities. It's a zone where you can archive and sort your notes for easy accessibility and reference.

Example of notes that can be stored here could be meeting notes, retrospectives, release notes, QA reviews, and much more.

Once you've added a bunch of notes in this space do not hesitate to structure the space with the help of collections. Maybe you want a collection called "Retrospectives" that contains all your held retrospectives, or a collection called "QA reviews" with all your QA review documents.


The Notes area in Delibr is a dedicated space intended to help you keep track of important notes and records that don't fit into other areas of the app. Should you have any further questions, our support team is always here to assist you. Happy note-taking!

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