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Welcome to the Delivery area! This help center article aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Delivery area in Delibr. This area is designed to help you prioritize and refine solutions based on insights, oversee development, and ensure alignment with your product strategy.

Understanding the Delivery area

The Delivery area consists of several key components that empower you to manage your solutions efficiently. Let's explore each of these components in detail:

All solutions

In this table view, you'll find an overview of all your Solution documents. These are the documents you've categorized as the type "Solution" in the app. This centralized hub provides key details such as solution titles, statuses, and other relevant information. It enables you to manage and organize your solutions effectively, ensuring clear visibility and easy access to important solution-related data.

Solution candidates

In this table view live all solutions that you have identified as a "Candidate" that have the potential to be explored or worked on. Here you can prioritize your solutions and determine which ones require further attention or development. This view helps you focus your efforts on the most promising solution candidates.

Status board

The Status board is a visual representation of your Solution documents' status and progress. It allows you to track the lifecycle of each solution, from ideation to implementation. The kanban board provides an at-a-glance view of your solutions' overall status, enabling you to manage and prioritize them effectively.


The timeline Roadmap allows you to structure your upcoming projects in relation to time. This section helps you plan and coordinate your solutions effectively, ensuring smooth execution and efficient resource allocation.

Collaboration and stakeholder engagement

Collaboration and stakeholder engagement are key aspects of the Delivery area. Here's how you can leverage that:

Sharing the Solution candidates-view

The Solution candidates-view allows you to share potential solution candidates with relevant stakeholders. By sharing this view, you can initiate discussions and gather valuable input from stakeholders. This collaborative approach helps you make informed decisions about which solutions to prioritize based on relevant data points and collective expertise.

Rating solutions

In the near future, we will introduce a feature that allows stakeholders to also rate the different solutions based on their attitudes towards the solution candidates. This functionality will enable you to gather feedback and opinions from stakeholders, helping you make well-informed decisions about solution prioritization and investment. This feature will be available later this summer.


The Delivery area in Delibr, enables you to prioritize, refine, and oversee the development of solutions. By utilizing the table views, kanban board, and timeline roadmap, you can gain a comprehensive overview of your solutions, track their progress, and plan their timelines effectively. Additionally, the collaboration and stakeholder engagement features enhance the decision-making process by facilitating discussions and gathering input from relevant stakeholders.

We hope this guide has provided you with a clear understanding of the Delivery area and its functionalities. If you have any further questions or require assistance, our support team is always ready to help. Happy managing and delivering your solutions!

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