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Welcome to the Discovery area of Delibr! This powerful space is designed to help you gather, organize, and analyze valuable feedback from various sources, enabling you to gain meaningful insights and incorporate them into your product's context. In this help center article, we'll guide you through the features and functionality of the Discovery area, providing step-by-step instructions on how to make the best use of it.

Understanding the Discovery area

The Discovery area consists of two essential components: the Request-query and the Interview-query. The Request-query collects feedback that you receive from your customers, while the Interview-query stores insights obtained from conducting interviews. Let's explore how you can effectively utilize these queries and make the most of this area:

Automating request feedback

To streamline the process of gathering request feedback, you can set up a Zap in Zapier and get an automated inflow of requests via email or Slack, or any other tool for that matter.

Conducting interviews

The Interview-query is the place for you to store insights obtained from interviews conducted with users or stakeholders. Whenever you conduct an interview, take notes, and record key findings you do that within the Interview-query. This centralizes all your interview data, making it easier to reference and analyze during the product development lifecycle.

Organizing feedback

Once feedback is gathered, it's time to sort and structure your insights. You can categorize the feedback into a tree structure using either a "Product hierarchy" or an "Opportunity solution tree." Let's explore these options further:

Product hierarchy

The Product hierarchy enables you to break down your product into smaller components, making it easier to categorize feedback based on specific functionalities. For example, if you receive feedback related to the comment functionality, you can add it to the designated component in the tree. This approach allows you to track feedback for each individual component, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of user needs.

Opportunity solution tree

The Opportunity solution tree is a visualization tool that helps your product team determine the best path to achieving a desired outcome. It assists in identifying opportunities and mapping them to potential solutions. This tree structure provides a holistic view of your product's development and guides decision-making throughout the discovery process.


The Discovery area is your hub for gathering, analyzing, and structuring feedback within Delibr. By automating request feedback from various sources, utilizing the Interview-query for interview findings, and organizing insights within tree structures, you'll gain valuable knowledge that will inform your product decisions. Remember to continuously update and iterate on your feedback collection process to stay aligned with user needs and ensure the success of your product.

We hope this guide has provided you with a clear understanding of the Discovery area's functionalities. Should you have any further questions, our support team is always here to assist you. Happy exploring and discovering insights for your product!

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