Introducing the AI assistant

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You'll learn how the AI assistant works

There are a bunch of use cases built already, and more are coming!

On January 30th, 2023, we launched the first version of our AI assistant for Product Managers. It currently supports a handful of use cases, but many more will be added over the coming weeks and months. 

Since it takes longer to write a help center article than to record a video, we recommend looking at the video above if you want to learn how the AI assistant works and that you can do with it. We will add more information below over the coming days. 

Supported use cases (as of Jan 30th)

  • The AI assistant can create PRDs
  • The AI assistant can draft a copy about almost anything
  • The AI assistant can brainstorm a list of ideas
  • The AI assistant can come up with a list of potential options to any question
  • The AI assistant can come up with pros and cons for any options
  • The AI assistant can research almost any subject
  • The AI assistant can create an outline for almost any topic

Have the AI assistant write up a PRD

We currently offer AI for one of our templates: the Epic document. This means that you can ask the AI to fill in all the headings for our Epic document template, by simply providing document title and short description of the feature. 

For this to work, you need to create a new document based on the Epic document template. When you create the document, click on the little robot. This will open a modal where you can fill in document title and a short description. The AI will sort out the rest. 

Access the AI bot in a document

It's highly likely that you will want to use AI on existing document, or to enhance what the AI first came up with. To do this you can use the /-commands. Write /bot to see a list of all available bot commands.

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