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Instead of a boring folder, try a board! - Unknown, but wise, person.

That's right! Boards are much better, and less boring than conventional folders. That's why you can always view a collection of documents as a board - if you want to.

For example, if you're working as a Product Manager, and you're using Delibr for your product documentation, you can create a board for tracking all the product documents you're working on.

Learn more about boards here: https://help.delibr.com/article/97-boards


The outlining functionality! This is in essence what makes it possible to keep all the information in one place and let all the different type of stakeholders and collaborators use the same document, but at different detail levels! - Mikael, Product Manager.

What sets Delibr apart from conventional text editors are bullets. And lots of 'em.

What we're trying to say is that documents in Delibr are a list of nested bullets. This gives the documents some very powerful attributes, namely:

  • The documents are by default always very structured (think a grocery shopping list or bullet points in a presentation).
  • The entire bullet tree (i.e. document), or parts of the tree (i.e. specific sections), can be minimized.
    • This allows Mikael the Product Manager to use the same document throughout the various stages of product development, adding details to the sections he's currently working on, without running the risk of ending up with a document that is.. unruly. 
  • Individual bullets, or multiple bullets, can be moved within the tree structure (up, down, indent, unindent) very easily. Thus you can quickly outline, and then rearrange the document content. 
  • Formatting is not an issue - we auto-format it for you! 

Learn more about the documents here: https://help.delibr.com/article/44-master-the-outliner

User story maps

No quote for user story maps - but that doesn't make them any less good!

With Delibr you can do user story mapping directly in your documents. It works something like this: 

  1. Create a user story map
  2. Add details to the user stories (text, designs, code snippets, etc.)
  3. Turn your map into Jira tickets with the click of a button.

Learn more about the user story maps here: https://help.delibr.com/article/44-master-the-outliner


It's so fun making decisions in Delibr - Jenni, Product Manager.

Are you in the business of making a lot of decisions that need to be communicated with other team members? Try the decision bullets in Delibr. 

We've seen teams who keep a separate spreadsheet with all their important decisions, and we've seen teams who tried to keep it lean by not documenting at all. With Delibr you'll have the perfect system for capturing decision items and making sure they are available to the wider team. 

Learn more about decisions here: https://help.delibr.com/article/45-track-decisions-in-delibr

Jira tickets

Delibr allows me and my team of Product Managers to get our thoughts down quickly, get feedback, and then jump right into Jira. - Joseph, Director of Product.

When we originally set out to build Delibr, one of the use cases we wanted to improve was that of going from 'product documentation' to 'development tickets'. As Product Managers, we want a place to organize our thoughts, share them with stakeholders & team members, gather their input, and after careful consideration - and only then - go ahead with the creation of dev tickets. 

This typically meant product documentation in Google docs/Confluence/Notion pages and then having to painstakingly take said documentation and create Jira tickets from it. Jira tickets that would later on anyway get split, merged, once the developers refine further. And now that the Jira's live their own life - the product documentation and all the decisions we took become obsolete. 

This is why, in Delibr, you'll find what we think is the best Jira integration on the market. 

Learn more about the Jira integration here: https://help.delibr.com/category/7-category

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